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Related article: money. The one thing w^ill work with the other. With the ex- ception of one or two meetings in the extreme south, racing in France commences in February, and by the end of April there will have been decided at Auteuil a dozen steeplechases with an aver- age stake of over 750 sovs., two being over 1,000 sovs. and a third over 2,000 sovs. In What Is Hyaluronic Acid In Skin Care the same time there will be four hurdle races averaging nearly as much as the dozen steeplechases ; whilst no race, be it over fences or hurdles, is for so small a sum as 100 sovs., numbers of them rang- ing between 200 sovs. and i 300 sovs. and over. Early in June there are run at Auteuil the Grand Steeplechase de Paris of over 6,000 sovs., Products With Hyaluronic Acid and the Grand Course de Haies d'Auteuil of over 3,000 sovs. Steeplechasing and hurdle racing in June I am not Ha Hyaluronic Acid proposing for England (part of Eye Creams With Hyaluronic Acid the original programme of Hurst Park was steeplechasing in July, but it never was tried) ; but as Hyaluronic Acid In Skin Care regards the rest, it is humiliating to think that we cannot do Hyaluronic Acid Glucosamine as they do in France. Compare the stakes given for steeplechasing and Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizers hurdle racing in France with those of Liverpool, where the chief steeplechase of the year, which keeps people on the alert the entire twelve months separat- ing each celebration, is worth less than 2,000 sovs., the next best race, the Grand Sefton (•* grand," indeed 1 ) Steeplechase, being worth a little over 400 sovs. And all the time hundreds and thou sands of pounds are being given away for two-year-old races, which people are never tired of decrying because of their detrimental ten- dency. Things are far from being as they should be. About Betting. — Comingevents in racing do not nowadays Hyaluronic Acid Skin Care cast their shadows before, in the shape of betting, as in the past. Ante- post betting, like wood-engraving, has been superseded, never to be revived. I have a shrewd notion that betting months previous to a race, owed much of its existence to the abundance of ** dead meat " there was in the market. It was a fine game to lay against a horse that was either certain to be a non-starter, or in the event of starting, was a certain non-tryer. These are about the only Hyaluronic Acid For Skin Care cer- tainties to be met with in racing, and it will be noticed that they are on the side of the layer. The backers* certainties exist on paper only. " Dead meat " is possibly still to be met with, but there is not enough of it about to make ante-post betting pay, so it is practically non-existent. True, we see in the sporting papers records of current betting, but we do not take them very seriously, and it is a mystery where they come from at times. The chief curiosity is the Manchester bet- ting, the origin of which no one in London can explain. It always 130 BAILY's MAGA2INE. [Fbbruaxy differs some points from the London betting, and Hyaluronic Acid Products all that a man would have to do to ensure a comfortable and certain iricome would be to back in the one market and lay in the other. If the prices quoted in the papers be genuine, it is merely a question of arithmetic, too simple to be possible, and it may be relegated to the limbo where lie the rouge et noir systems and the many devices to secure perpetual motion. There remains the marvel of the papers continu- Filler Hyaluronic Acid ing to publish such misleading rubbish. Although the present custom of betting at the post did not originate from any desire to purify things, Hyaluronic Acid Eye Cream but is a mere pro- tective development such as is found throughout nature, it cer- tainly has- the effect of cramping the operations of the nefariously inclined. The Hyaluronic Acid Ha bookmaker, of course, regards it as a very legitimate stroke of business to lay all he can against a horse which he knows has no chance, because it will not be allowed to have one. He would claim that he is in precisely the same position as the Stock Exchange operator in possession of secret information concerning some mine or other undertaking, and that it is per- fectly open to the backer to be as well informed as himself. But nefarious trainers and jockeys do not deal through backers, but through bookmakers, who, it is no secret, have been behind many shocking scandals, some of them historical ones. It is so very much easier not to win a race and so gain Hyaluronic Acid Filler a few Glucosamine Hyaluronic Acid hundreds, than to win and make the hundreds into thousands. From the time when betting was done in the open on New- market Heath and elsewhere to the present, the betting ring has undergone many changes, and it cannot by any means be claimed for the last existing stage of it that it is the best. The betting ring is after all but the modern substitute for the gaming house, in which the sharps preyed upon the flats, though this does not necessarily imply that the sharp puts his hand into the flat's pocket. The flat empties his pocket quickly enough without assistance, and all the sharp has to do is to be on hand at the proper moment to share in the distribution. Where the ring differs so much from what it formerly was is in the existence of a large section of professional backers. This professional backing as a standing, income earning business is a comparatively modern institution, which has entirely upset the old notion that only layers could be certain of making money on the turf. From a social point of view, the profes- sional layer and backer have a common place of origin — no- where ; and they start upon their career with precisely the same 'capital — nothing. What we see of them out racing is that they live on the fat of the land, the best of everything being con- sidered good enough, and this alone means the earning of Skin Care With Hyaluronic Acid a con- siderable income, for " Kitty " in racing swallows up an enormous amount of money. When it is convenient to do so, we see attempts made to strike an analogy between Lloyd's, the Stock Exchange, and the Betting Ring, but Lotions With Hyaluronic Acid with the two great city institutions those who live bv them at least bring into the con- tract a reasonable amount of capital, where the professional layer or backer begins wth nothing. What we find in the betting ring is a large number of persons who, without bringfing a penny into the concera, c:c:r. .* ir-i xii r iiit r-" ."^r :•' Moisturizers With Hyaluronic Acid -'• : —— to make a handsome l^\^.iiz i'-:^ :c T":«: ^^1:^ '•i:^ zitazz t^I Eye Cream Hyaluronic Acid t:-. .-=i Skin Care Hyaluronic Acid it, simply by the use cc :'«^.rr ic mz i^rijiinj sr:.: ii-sr* :_-i. ^ wits. Save in the if nz± i^-» :•£=! :»:r ir^ u zz& zrsrr.-^